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Category: August 2014

  1. First International Order

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     Well, Thursday night I finished two pieces for brides getting married in October and sent my loving husband off to the post office Friday afternoon to send them off for me.

    Well one got off ok and actually reached it's destination Saturday morning (I'm impressed) .

    The other is back here. It is my first international order (I shared some of my progress last week on here). Apparently he managed to get so flustered about what description to put on the custom form, the postmistress refused to take it and sent him home with the custom form for me to fill in and sign.  

    I did a quick read up and after one false start involving me ringing Custom and Exercise helpline thinking I was a commercial exporter. Tariffs and all.( Have you seen the tariff lists! Wow!) The form is now done and ready for adding to a rather small parcel. 

    Luckily I was going to send the "Handmade Swarovski Bridal Comb" early and it is now going Monday.



  2. Jasmine in Progress

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    Currently working on a couple of pieces for brides getting married in October. Congratulations Girls!

    One of them has asked for Jasmine with Ivory pearls. I thought I would share the process, so you can see how I make my flowers. Jasmine is made from a single piece of base wire, over 1m long, shaped into the individual flowers. Each individual petal is woven using about 50cm of fine wire.


  3. My very own Favicon

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     Now I admit, I didn't really know a "Favicon" was called a Favicon.

    When you think about it FAV ICON was staring me in the face for quite a while.

    Lucky for me Create.net have a simple walk through in their helpcentre and my butterflies are starting to fly across the web. Hopefully they will take roost in peoples bookmarks. 

    favicon.co.uk have great little generator here.


  4. Salute to a new piece, my romantic floral crown

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    Well I finally seem to have got to grips with facebook, and while I have to admit I have some dozen or so new designs that I have teased my 600 plus follows with.

    Embarrassingly Kathreen is the first new design I have actually added  to my website in months. I have promised my son to blog at least twice a week. *gulps* and  I have promised myself that I will get my new pieces photographed and uploaded, preferable before the next Bridal Fair in October.